Massage & Reflexology

Beautiful skin starts with a healthy you within.

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique in which specific pressure points (usually on the feet, but also on the hands and ears) are massaged in order to re-establish the flow of energy throughout the body. Relieves stress and releases energy and pressure throughout the body.

reflexologyTui-Na is an important component of traditional Chinese recovery therapy in which sickness is improved by the operator’s manipulations of the patient’s body to stimulate the energy flow along the meridians and points. Based on the Chinese martial arts and medicinal teaching of Qi-gong, a harmonious flow of Qi in the body is an indication of good health, and periodic Tui-Na is an excellent way to help deep your Qi flowing smoothly.

According to the science of traditional Chinese medicne, the pressure points in your feet and ear reflect and affect the state of your organs. When you understand the functions and method of traditional Tui-Na you can easily relieve the stress and pain from your body, as well as maintaining optimal health.

Foot Reflexology                                                                  60min/$99
Hot Stone Reflexology                                                       60min/$129
Quick Relaxation Massage                                                30min/$50
Deep Tissue Massage (Tui-Na)                                        60min/$120
Swedish Massage                                                                 60min/$79
Hot and cold Stone Massage                                             60min/$120
Classic Massage                                                                    60min/$99
Aromatherapy Massage                                                       60min/$130
Purifying Massage with Ear Candles                                60min/$120